Commissions are smaller groups that

include Elders, Deacons, and members

of the congregation who work together

to lead different groups of Mission del Sol.


Christian education

Responsibilities & Goals:

to provide opportunities for you to explore your Christian faith and to deepen your theological understanding.

We obtain, review and offer Christ centered learning materials, invite & support leaders becoming teachers of all ages, identify new ways of learning, develop special education opportunities.

Chair: Liz Cazel

Meets: 4th Tuesday 6pm

Human resources

Responsibilities & Goals:

to ensure care of the staff. Responsible to work with the head of staff while celebrating the ministries of all staff, we coordinate and implement MdS personnel policies and procedures, recruit and ensure performance evaluations of staff, update job descriptions, ensure appropriate compensation for staff, recommend to session compensation changes, and provide consultation to the Head of Staff on employee/ volunteer issues.


Carrin Rowe &

Susan VandenBerg

Meets: 4th Tuesday 7pm

Congregational hospitality

Responsibilities & Goals

to promote congregational fellowship and well being. Ministries may include, but not limited to, Sunday morning, memorial service fellowship and refreshments, monthly birthday celebrations, email prayer list, cards for ill and non-attending members, Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper, Easter Brunch, Potlucks, Eggstravanza and Advent Festival. We invite people in the community of faith together for fellowship & encourage community participation.


Colleen Pope

Meets: Varies


Responsibilities & Goals:

to manage the financial resources of the church. We are responsible for the accuracy and integrity of church financial records and financial resources. We communicate to the pastor, the session, the deacons and church members all matters related to the finances of the church.

Chair: Gordon Parnell

Meets: 3rd Thursday 6:30pm


Responsibilities & Goals:

to develop and implement a year round approach of finding resources within our congregation. We develop programs to identify the abilities, talents, skills and resources of our members and then foster their gifts of time, talents and treasure. We conclude the year with a fall campaign.

Chair: Jan McConahay

Meets: Varies


Responsibilities & Goals:

ensure safety , maintenance, repair and remodeling of the buildings, furnishings, structure, parking lot, grounds and landscaping. We monitor the regular care of the property, as well as the long term plans for the property. We improve utilization of building, inspect roof, improve kitchen and manage custodian supply closet.


Bill Gunther & Steve Rowe

Meets: Varies


Responsibilities & Goals:

to ensure meaningful  worship services. We collaborate with the Pastor on all aspects of worship and coordinate with the Music Minister to provide a variety of inspirational music. We coordinate our greeters & ushers to welcome our guests and congregation, liaison for video/audio volunteers, coordinate liturgists & teachers for children's message time, as well as, appoint volunteers to present the Minute for Mission and prepare for communion Sundays. We also care for the ministry tools in the sanctuary: Bibles, Hymnals, Flowers, Art, Colors and arrange for the pulpit supply when requested by the Pastor.

Chair: Jan Palmer

Meets: 2nd Monday 6:30pm