If these past two years have left you feeling overwhelmed and a little lost, it is time to find our way back home. Home gives us a better perspective on life because it reminds us once again of who we are and whose we. Join Mission del Sol as we road trip back to Colossi to find our way back home so that we are prepared for whatever comes next this year.

  • Road Trip Playlist

    While you are out driving, listen to our Road Trip Playlist found on Spotify. Listen by clicking below.

  • Road trip bingo

    Listen to Sunday Worship online or in person and cross off each word you hear. Can make bingo! Turn in your card to Pastor Kelsy for a prize.

    Bingo card

  • mission on the road

    Serving God happens everywhere, even on a road trip. Serving God happens doing ordinary things for the people you love. Write each family member's name and add other people in your community on a slip of paper. Have everyone draw a name each week. During the week try and do something to serve that person.

    Ideas to Serve Others:

    • Take out the trash.
    • Make a card for someone who might be lonely.
    • Play with someone who you don't normally play with.
    • Pick up trash in your neighborhood.
    • Listen to someone's story.
    • Make someone laugh
    • Give a hug to someone who needs it.
    • Help make dinner
    • Clean up the living room.
    • Leave an uplifting note for someone to find.

  • Prayer on the go: Pray using a finger labryinth

    This is a finger labyrinth patterned after the walking labyrinth in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. A finger labyrinth is “walked” by tracing the path with a finger of the non-dominant hand. As you trace your finger towards the center pray for others. When you reach the center listen to God. As you trace your way out pray for yourself.

    Download the Finger Labryinth