• Session makes Statement to Stand for Racial Justice

    May 2021

    Many years ago, the Session leadership of Mission del Sol established a commission on Social Justice. The commission was to identify opportunities where Mission del Sol, as a church community, could support and promote the respect of individual human life. Jesus Christ put the dignity of people who are oppressed at the center of his ministry and attended to their needs for health, economic well-being and freedom.

    The session has announced that our marquee will include a message next week in support of the Black community. The intent of the message, both from Session and our Social Justice commission, was to focus on the value and equitable treatment of the Black Community.

    Why this coming week? There has been many moments through out 2020 that mark the year. Among these moments, the week in March when a virus known as COVID 19 shut down the world. The Sunday in October when we had in-person worship for the first time in six months. And, the Tuesday in May when the world watched on TV a man laying on the ground saying, “I can’t breathe”. This coming week marks a moment in history, among many, when a nation and a world reflected on the inequalities of racial ethnic groups that still exist in our society today.

    Since our announcement, Session has received feedback from the Congregation. To ensure the intent of our social justice objective, Session has revised the message this week to read “Stop Racial Injustice”. We hope you join us in loving and valuing all God’s children. Today we start with the Black lives who deserve equitable, fair and respectful treatment. Mission del Sol will continue to seek opportunities to pursue Social Justice with all elements of the diverse community we live and serve in, not only with our words but with our actions.

  • Pastor Kelsy Installed

    We welcomed the Presbytery of the Grand Canyon to the Installation of Pastor Kelsy Brown on May 16, 2021 at 4 p.m. It was a long time coming and a wonderful service!


    Setpember 2020

    The session met on September 1 and decided we will open for in-person worship service on October 4 following State and CDC guidelines. We will be live streaming the services for those who prefer to watch from home.

    Below are a few details to note:

    • ALL on-campus activities require: RSVP's, face coverings, temperature checks and use of hand sanitizer upon entering the buildings, and Ushers will be seating each family or individuals in order to keep proper social distancing.
    • The office will remain closed for appointment only in which safety precautions are being taken.
    • The session is making plans for outside groups previously using our campus to resume their in-person meetings on campus.
    • Please stay safe. We encourage you to wear a mask as a sign of love for our neighbors. We recognize that this is a difficult time and we have to support each other. Please stay in contact with each other and let Pastor Kelsy know if you or someone else can use extra care.

    If you have suggestions or comments, please contact Pastor Kelsy.


    summer 2020

    10:30-11:30 | WEST Church Driveway and Parking Lot

    The first Sunday of the month MdS collects non-perishable food to support the Guadalupe Food Pantry. Drop off your offering or your 2020 Vision Campaign Pledge. We look forward to seeing you there!


    Summer 2020

    Since we moved to virtual worship services, the Vietnamese Revival Church has also been virtually gathering on Sunday afternoons at 3 pm. But beginning Sunday, August 16th their small congregation will begin gathering in person. They have agreed to practice social distancing, follow all government and state guidelines concerning the pandemic, sanitize the spaces they use, inform us if anyone in their congregation is infected with COVID-19 and they do not hold us responsible for anyone who contracts COVID-19 while on the campus. We recognize that each congregation has to make the hard decision about whether to return to in-person services. Currently, the Mission del Sol Session has made the difficult decision that it is not safe for us to gather in person yet because we have a much larger and older congregation. The Session hopes that we too will be able to return to in-person worship soon when the number of COVID-19 cases has gone down.