2021 Reflections from Our Pastor

Dear Mission del Sol Community,

This has been quite a year! Throughout this first year we have accomplished a lot: together we have worshipped online and in person, served God through mission, learned, grieved, and celebrated together. Below is a short report of the life and ministry of Mission del Sol. We have done a lot this year! A special thanks goes to the staff for all the extra work they put in to make our ministry a success. 

You will see the report is broken into the four areas of our ministry: Serve, Grow, Connect and Give. Under each area there is a short summary of our activities, a reminder of the goal the Session and Deacon Board's set for this 2020-2021 program year and some hopes to look forward to in the coming year. Below you will find a link to the agenda for our congregational meeting on May 23, 2021. You can join in person or via Zoom in the link below.

At the meeting we will vote on the pastor's terms of call, a slate of nominees, and on adding an inactive roll to the church bylaws. The purpose of this new roll is to expand the ways individuals can be a part of our ministry even though they are not active in the life and ministry online or in person. Please contact me  if you have questions about this new roll. We will also hear a report from the Finance Commission about 2020 and present the 2021 budget.

I want to thank the Nominating Committee for their diligent work in filling our open spots for leadership. Please thank Greg Allemang (Chair), Bill Gunther, Diane Seller, Ted Taylor and John Christie for their work. 

I hope you have found God in the life and ministries of the Church. Thank you for your patience as we figured out together how to be Church together through this pandemic. We all play an important part in our community. Thank you for sharing your gifts. See you at the meeting!



 Attend Meeting via Zoom



  • Elders

    Cynthia Giroux, Class of 2024 - Elder for Christian Education (3 Years)
    Brenda McSwain, Class of 2024 - Elder for Human Resources (3 Years)

    Steve Rowe, Class of 2024 - Elder for Finance (3 Years)
    Clyde Parks, Class of 2022 - Elder for Facilities (1 Year)

    Jan Spence, Class of 2023 - Elder for Social Justice (2 Years)

    Melanie Zimmer, Class of 2023 - Elder for Congregational Life (2 Years)

  • Deacons

    Sally Appleby,  Class of 2023 (2 years)

    Doug Brown, Class of 2024 (3 Years)
    Hilary Cummings, Class of 2024 (3 Years)
    Audrey Dieken, Class of 2024 (3 Years)
    Maya Duncan-Pope, Class of 2022 (1 Year)
    Jeanette Parnell, Class of 2023 (2 Years)
    Maria Richards, Class of 2022 (1 Year)
    Todd Whittard, Class of 2024 (3 Years)

  • Nominating Committee

    Jayne Prohaska, Class of 2023 (2 Years)

    Flori Welty, Class of 2023 (2 Years)

  • Human Resources Commission

    Pam Allman, Class of 2024 (3 Years)