Worship Center Furnishings:

These are unique to Mission del Sol Church and are the result of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of several of our members who are greatly blessed with vision and bountifully gifted in design, artistry, and skill in woodworking, metalworking, and glass — and are very strongly committed!   This continues the tradition of our worship center furnishings being created by volunteering individuals in the congregation, beginning with the previous worship center, Mission Hall.


The reredos cross is centered with the nimbus of fused glass which can be changed for the liturgical season.  The other furnishings each incorporate a carving of the appropriate element of the Presbyterian Church (USA) logo:  the pulpit bears an open book, the baptismal font a dove, the table a chalice, and the two candle stands a flame on each.   Also built was the movable platform which supports the organ console.

Stained Glass Windows:

These windows in the front of the sanctuary are of our design but were created by a professional stained glass artisan.  They depict attributes or actions of Jesus and/or His church.   From west to east, we see:

Vine and branches  ” ‘I am the vine; you are the branches.’ ”                      John 15:5

Dove                        “The Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove.”      Luke 3:22

Hands                      “Men should pray, lifting up holy hands.”                     I Timothy 2:8

Cup                           “He took the cup . . . of the blood of the new covenant, which is poured for many.”                                                                                                                                          Luke 22:20

Sun                            Jesus’ “life was the light of all people.”                         John 1:5

Water                        “The water I give will (lead to) eternal life.”                John 4:14

New Revised Standard Version


The transverse lines in the windows direct the viewer’s attention to the cross, indicating that the image in the window represents a facet of the life of the Crucified One.  Conversely, those transverse lines emanate from the cross to each window, demonstrating the influence of the Savior in our worship.

The clerestory windows represent daylight in Tempe from the yellow rays of sunrise to the orange and red rays of sunset.

Tower Bell:

The bell was cast at Buckeye Foundries in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1881 and served the Presbyterian Church in Barneston, Nebraska, (halfway between Lincoln, NE, and Manhattan, KS) until 2010 when it came to Tempe to call the faithful to worship at Mission del Sol. Ask for a tour of the bell tower and the exhibit of installation photos. The weight of the bell is estimated at 500 pounds.