National Disaster Recovery

Mission del Sol supports national disaster recovery efforts by sending individuals to help rebuild from the devastation of major natural disasters.  Our first national mission teams supported Katrina rebuilding efforts. Since that time we have traveled to Iowa to rebuild flood damaged homes and Texas to support Hurricane Ike recovery efforts.  We work through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), the emergency and refugee program of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.  PDA has several volunteer camps across the nation that are set up to house volunteers as they rebuild homes and lives in areas impacted by natural disasters.  PDA concentrates on long term disaster recovery, typically setting up camps that operate for several years.  They work with local authorities to coordinate volunteer efforts and ensure that volunteer skills are directed to the projects most in need of their assistance.

Storm Repair Missionaries

A group through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance worked in in Joplin, Missouri in October 2012. The group assisted in storm relief and repair from the tornado in Joplin.

Starting in 2005, Mission del Sol has supported 7 trips to communities affected by catastrophic events.  All individuals who feel called to this work are welcome to participate.  If you have an interest in this service, contact the Church Office for information on current and future efforts.

Iowa Team 2010

Iowa Team 2009

New Orleans Team 5

New Orleans Team 5


D'Ilberville, Mississippi Team 4

D’Ilberville, Mississippi Team 4


D'Ilberville, Mississippi Team 3

D’Ilberville, Mississippi Team 3


Orangville, Mississippi Team 1

Orangville, Mississippi Team 1