Honduras Mission Trips

Since 1996 Mission del Sol has made 5 trips to Rancho el Paraiso in Honduras along with our mission partner Honduras Outreach, Inc. (HOI) a nonprofit ecumenical foundation out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Almost 100 current and former MdS members have made the trek to “The Ranch” offering their gifts and receiving in return a spiritual and life changing mission experience.  Some of our gifts include teaching Bible School to village children, working side by side with local Hondurans building latrines, pouring concrete floors, and repairing the roofs of homes, teaching sewing and providing fabric for new dresses and shirts, working in the medical clinic providing primary care and tending to emergency medical needs, along with chronicling our visit through beautiful photography that we leave behind for our new Honduran friends to enjoy.   In return we receive the gift of friendship, love, understanding, gratitude, and an appreciation of our neighboring cultures as well as, this home we call the United States of America.