Mission del Sol (MdS) is a friendly, caring community of faith that has lived out its name since its founding in 1985 through the engagement in mission opportunities. Whether through involvement in ministries serving our local communities or through the support of national and international programs, mission is central to ministry at MdS, and is second in importance only to worship.

MdS is a vibrant faith community that welcomes all persons. We embrace programs and activities ranging from theological discussion to family game nights. Please join us in worship, in study, and in mission.

Service Times

  • Worship Service 9:00 a.m.
  • Spiritual Formation Classes 10:30 a.m. (September-May)

Child Care

  • Nursery – A nursery is provided for the Sunday service.  You will find the nursery in Room 105 in the Christian Education building that is located across the courtyard from the Sanctuary.
  • Cherub Club Children age 3 to 7 can attend the start of the church service with their parents and then be excused to attend Cherub Club following the children’s sermon that occurs early in the service.  Children walk with Miss Jane and another adult to Room 108 for a snack, prayer, a lesson, and activity time.  Parents will pick up their children in Room 108 of the Christian Education building (directly across the courtyard from the sanctuary) following the church service.
  • Calming Room – A Calming Room is available at the back of the sanctuary.  The entrance to the Calming Room is off of the hallway to the right as you enter the sanctuary building.  The room is soundproof, has a large window and a speaker so you may continue to enjoy the worship service.


Mission del Sol is located on the south side of Warner Road.  There are several visitor parking spaces, including accessible spaces, near the main (west) entrance to the church. Entrances to the Church’s parking lot can be found on the east and west sides of the Sanctuary building.  Parking is available on the west side of the sanctuary, along the south side of the property (behind the Christian Education building), and along the east side of the Christian Education building.
An office complex is located to the east of the church which has additional parking, including some covered parking.  On Sundays, people attending the church services may also park in the office complex spaces.

  • Handicapped Parking – Handicapped designated parking spaces can be found on the west side of the Sanctuary building.  In addition, from the west side parking lot, you can access a circular drive without a curb where you can drop off members of your party who may have difficulty negotiating stairs or curbs.
  • Non-worship Times – On weekdays and during non-worship times, we would request that you respect the needs of the owners and tenants of the office complex on the east side of the church and refrain from parking in their parking spaces.  You should be able to find ample parking on the west side of the church and along the south and east sides of the Christian Education building.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Becoming a Member:

People may become active members in one of three ways:

  • Profession of Faith – those who have not been baptized and/or who have never been active members of a Christian church.
  • Reaffirmation of Faith – those who have at one time been members of a Christian church and are currently inactive.
  • Letter of Transfer – those who are currently active members of another Christian church.

Contact the church office at office@missiondelsol.org if you are interested in participating in our next New Members Orientation class.