The Wired World – Sundays Room 206


The best way to introduce this study is with a phrase common to TV police/ detective shows like Law & Order—”Ripped from the Headlines?” Cue the dramatic music. This study is based on current events from national and world news. The weekly lessons begin with an excerpt from current news and dives into discussion developed through a series of questions and several relevant Scripture readings. Each week participants are guided in approaching a challenging or disturbing news story and to consider how to think and talk about these events from the perspective of our Christian faith. Come check out this class for stimulating, challenging discussions that will keep you thinking all week long.

Paul’s Letters – Sundays Room 202



This year we will be exploring Paul’s letters in chronological order. We will be starting with the letters to the Thessalonians followed by Galatians. Come, discuss and get an in-depth look at the communities and the message of Paul to these early Christians and be challenged as we discuss how to apply these messages to modern life.

Every Day Faith – Sundays Room 203

This class will rotate through a variety of “mini-series.”

In the past we have looked at the life and teachings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on how he not only helped transform an entire faith community in Germany during WWII, but how his beliefs continue to impact the Christian faith of people throughout the world today. Join us for discussion on why these spiritual truths meant so much to Bonhoeffer and how they can be an inspiration and challenge to our faith.

Most Recent we will look at ‘What Every Christian Needs to know about The Jewishness of Jesus’. A new way of seeing the most influential Rabbi in History. By Rabbi evan Moffic. This interactive 4 week series will be led by Alex Joncas.

Just Coffee – Sundays MdS Library


Not sure what to do when your kiddos are in their classes? Come and join other parents                                                                     in the library for fellowship and coffee—no curriculum or agenda—just a chance to get to                                                                     know one another and have great conversations.

Other Group Meetings:

Circle of Friends – Room 209, Second Mondays


Ladies! Come join us on the second Monday of each month for Circle of Friends. Ww will have a time of fellowship and then a Bible study using lectio divina and journaling. We will look at mission opportunities as well as social activities we can do as a group such as going to the movies, dinners, concerts, etc. Come and be a part of this new group to help shalpe and format what it will look like for the future. Our first meeting will be on September 16th at 7pm.


 Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Meet & Greet Room

Are you looking for something to do mid-week? Come join our Bible study/book group that meets each Wednesday morning at 9:30.  The group is currently studying Over Life’s Disappointments by Harold S. Kushner.

Thursday Morning Bible Study- (Sun Lakes)

Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 9:45 a.m. The group is always looking for new members; anyone interested is welcome.  Call the church office for more information.


Wednesday Night Current Events – Starbucks next to church

This group meets Wednesdays at 5 pm to discuss current events at the Starbucks right next to Mds on Warner Road.