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Garden Plots

by MdS_Webmaster

The Social Justice Commission is evaluating our MdS garden plot project. Anyone who currently has a garden plot—or anyone who is interested in having one—is asked to contact Pam Bosch.

Plastic Grocery Bags Needed

by MdS_Webmaster

What do you do with your plastic grocery bags when you come home from the grocery store? If you’re like most of us, you stuff them in a container for future use, then, when the container is full they end up in the trash. Well, no more! We have discovered the perfect use for these […]

Please vote for your favorite Adult Education class topic

by MdS_Webmaster

We are looking to reformat our adult education classes this fall. We will be offering multiple opportunities across a broad spectrum of topics to engage our community during the Sunday School hour. As we are developing this, we are asking for your input. If you have two extra minutes, please take our survey and […]